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If you’re looking to start your own business or take your existing one to the next level, a few hours of your time spent reading this book will change your entire journey.

Entrepreneurship is a big game, and if you play it like everyone else, it will consume your life.

It will chop you into pieces, chew you up, and spit you out each and every day leaving you feeling empty, lost, and yaerning for more.

There is a different way to play the game that will not only help you build a successful business but also make the journey more fulfilling.

Learn how NOT to be the typical solo-entrepreneur.

Get ready to challenge traditional thinking, shatter limiting beliefs, and embrace a whole new way to play the business game!


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Editorial reviews

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Research shows that the more you engage with your social networks, the greater your chances of entrepreneurial success.

My first thought was, “Hey, is this person telling me NOT to be an entrepreneur? Is he telling me I have to spend the rest of my working for someone else?” But actually, as the author admits right at the beginning, this is not what he means at all. What a relief! What he IS trying to say, however, is that the word entrepreneur should not mean going it alone. In order to succeed at whatever type of business is our passion, we need a solid support system—friends, family, colleagues and mentors (among others).  Trying to go it alone is a sure fire road to disaster, which is why over 90% of new businesses fail. So what can we do? Give up our dream of running our own business, or are there positive and constructive things we can do to help us develop sound strategies for success? The answer is a resounding YES!

Filled with specific recommendations (not simply vague statements) we learn a step-by-step approach to becoming a true entrepreneur (a ‘Teampreneur’ as the author prefers to call it), ideas and recommendations for building your team, selecting appropriate mentors, involving close friends and family members, and other strategies to ensure your “solo” venture has the greatest possible chance for success.

A real eye opener for me, as I have always thought of becoming an entrepreneur as an individual endeavor.  Who needs people to muddy the waters and push their weight around?  Not me!  Yes, you.  Thinking of your potential business as more of a collaborative effort (which does NOT mean the business is not yours) but that you are seeking the advice, experience and knowledge of others in order to provide you with the best possible outcome—a thriving and productive company.  A must-read book for anyone looking to be their own boss and successfully make it in today’s highly competitive environment.  


Get ready to challenge traditional thinking, shatter limiting beliefs, and embrace a whole new way to play the business game!

Learn How NOT to be the Typical Solopreneur.

Learn how to overcome challenges and obstacles in your teampreneurial journey

Transform your business with purpose-driven teampreneurship

Learn effective strategies for building and leading successful teams

Unleash your potential and learn from the expertise and experiences of Kris Goodrich and other industry leaders

You can play this game if you are

Entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals looking to enhance team performance and create a positive work environment

Those focused on developing communications skills, building trust, and fostering collaboration within their team

Individuals seeking practical advice and actionable strategies for effective team-building and leadership.

If you're open to embracing new perspectives and ideas to drive personal and professional growth, this book offers a fresh perspective

Game Over, Success Unlocked:

Celebrate your victories and embrace the joy of success as you unlock your full entrepreneurial potential.

Meet Kris Goodrich


I’m an Entrepreneur to the core, fueled by my dyslexia. I see Life and the World around me as puzzles and challenges… and the solution is NOT the answer, it’s the game you play and the team you play it with.

My team is coming to play…
So the only real question is, “Whose team are you on?

What they say

Kris Goodrich is an exceptional mentor and leader. His guidance and expertise have been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship

Working with Kris has been a game-changer for my business. His insights and strategic advice have helped me make better decisions and achieve significant growth

Kris's passion for entrepreneurship is contagious. He has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world

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